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*Museum quality mindset: Purity in color pigment paints, mediums, solvents and materials.

*Wood frames handcrafted individually using yellow poplar. My husband, Craig builds structural and/or decorative customized frames.


view from the back porch

view from the back porch

information about each painting

The artwork you buy is a high resolution version of what is seen. All artwork images are low resolution for quick download response.

MOBILE DEVICE: to get a brief write-up about each painting, double click an image. Bottom right of screen is a small dot. Tap dot. 

COMPUTER: to get a brief write-up about each paintings, double click an image. Hover pointer over painting and information appears.

*All artwork and images © 2018 Sam Sartorius. 
Protected by The Copyright Act and the provisions thereunder.



I welcome the opportunity to create custom art commissions. I am open to collaborative ideas based on theme, style, color, size and materials. 

A non-refundable one-third deposit is due before work begins. The deposit holds a place in line to be started as soon as any previous ones are completed. Once approved, remaining balance is due before completed artwork is shipped. 

Contact me and let's start a dialogue.