Kind Words


Here's what clients, colleagues and art enthusiasts have to say about the work of Sam Sartorius.

A friend and I went in for a coffee.We both left with a painting.

And that is how I began collecting the incredible art of Sam Sartorius … an unplanned encounter with her work in a neighborhood coffeehouse.

My approach to buying art is simple.  If I am still thinking about a work days after first seeing it, I probably should buy it.

Not only am I often thinking about one of Sam’s paintings after my first viewing, her paintings still make me think years after buying them.

I have lived in four different houses since buying my first Sam Sartorius painting, and her works have been an integral part of turning each those spaces into a home.

For me, the initial appeal and long-term staying power of her paintings reflect the layers of story and meaning that Sam imbues into the layers of paint and imagery on a canvas.  That she does so with such a masterful use of color, light, and perspective is what distinguishes her work from other abstract artists.  

Sam, the artist is herself a force of nature, so it is doubly fitting that her works so often deeply explore, capture, and reimagine nature and all of its forces.

Jeffrey Cufaude, owner of Idea Architects. The business of creative and strategic consultation******************************

First time I saw her work, large and bold, abstract and sensual, I knew I wanted her in my life. I befriended Sam and have been blessed by years of having her as friend and compadre in my life. I get the pleasure of looking at her paintings every day in my home, the serenity and energy of each piece comforts me and reminds me that nature is magnificent and bold and full of pattern and depth. Very much like her. 

Kevin Davis, Kevin Davis Wall Artisans